Monday, August 22, 2016

The Secrets of College Success

Lynn F. Jacobs and Jeremy S. Hyman 
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Written by award-winning professors Lynn Jacobs and Jeremy Hyman, it’s loaded with insider information that only professors know--but few are willing to reveal.

The over 800 tips in this book will show you how to:
• Pick courses and choose a major
• Manage your time and develop college-level study skills
• Get on top of the core requirements
• Get good grades and avoid stress
• Interact effectively with the professor
• Match college and career, and more.

New to the second edition are tips for:
• Online courses and MOOCs
• Community Colleges, Engineering Schools, and Arts and Design Colleges
• E-readers, tablets, and laptops
• Taking out Student Loans and Paying them Off, and more.

(Excerpt from

Top 10 Secrets of College Success (U.S. News & World Reports)

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