Monday, May 25, 2015

How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships

Leil Lowndes
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"You'll not only break the ice, you'll melt it away with your new skills." -- Larry King

"The lost art of verbal communication may be revitalized by Leil Lowndes." -- Harvey McKay, author of “How to Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive”

What is that magic quality makes some people instantly loved and respected? Everyone wants to be their friend (or, if single, their lover!) In business, they rise swiftly to the top of the corporate ladder. What is their "Midas touch?"

What it boils down to is a more skillful way of dealing with people.

The author has spent her career teaching people how to communicate for success. In her book How to Talk to Anyone (Contemporary Books, October 2003) Lowndes offers 92 easy and effective sure-fire success techniques-- she takes the reader from first meeting all the way up to sophisticated techniques used by the big winners in life. In this information-packed book you’ll find:

• 9 ways to make a dynamite first impression
• 14 ways to master small talk, "big talk," and body language
• 14 ways to walk and talk like a VIP or celebrity
• 6 ways to sound like an insider in any crowd
• 7 ways to establish deep subliminal rapport with anyone
• 9 ways to feed someone's ego (and know when NOT to!)
• 11 ways to make your phone a powerful communications tool
• 15 ways to work a party like a politician works a room
• 7 ways to talk with tigers and not get eaten alive

In her trademark entertaining and straight-shooting style, Leil gives the techniques catchy names so you'll remember them when you really need them, including: "Rubberneck the Room," "Be a Copyclass," "Come Hither Hands," “Bare Their Hot Button,” “The Great Scorecard in the Sky," and "Play the Tombstone Game,” for big success in your social life, romance, and business.

How to Talk to Anyone, which is an update of her popular book, Talking the Winner's Way (see the 5-star reviews of the latter) is based on solid research about techniques that work!

By the way, don't confuse How to Talk to Anyone with one of Leil's previous books, How to Talk to Anybody About Anything. This one is completely different!

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傾聽:決定人際關係的奧秘和技巧 (The Lost Art of Listening)

邁克爾·P·尼科爾斯 (Michael P. Nichols)
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Monday, May 18, 2015

Big Data Revolution: What Farmers, Doctors and Insurance Agents Teach Us about Discovering Big Data Patterns

Rob Thomas, Patrick McSharry
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Exploit the power and potential of Big Data to revolutionize business outcomes

Big Data Revolution is a guide to improving performance, making better decisions, and transforming business through the effective use of Big Data. In this collaborative work by an IBM Vice President of Big Data Products and an Oxford Research Fellow, this book presents inside stories that demonstrate the power and potential of Big Data within the business realm. Readers are guided through tried-and-true methodologies for getting more out of data, and using it to the utmost advantage. This book describes the major trends emerging in the field, the pitfalls and triumphs being experienced, and the many considerations surrounding Big Data, all while guiding readers toward better decision making from the perspective of a data scientist.

Companies are generating data faster than ever before, and managing that data has become a major challenge. With the right strategy, Big Data can be a powerful tool for creating effective business solutions – but deep understanding is key when applying it to individual business needs. Big Data Revolution provides the insight executives need to incorporate Big Data into a better business strategy, improving outcomes with innovation and efficient use of technology.
• Examine the major emerging patterns in Big Data
• Consider the debate surrounding the ethical use of data
• Recognize patterns and improve personal and organizational performance
• Make more informed decisions with quantifiable results

In an information society, it is becoming increasingly important to make sense of data in an economically viable way. It can drive new revenue streams and give companies a competitive advantage, providing a way forward for businesses navigating an increasingly complex marketplace. Big Data Revolution provides expert insight on the tool that can revolutionize industries.

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書於竹帛 : 中國古代的文字記錄

錢存訓 著
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Monday, May 11, 2015

City Voices : Hong Kong Writing in English, 1945 to the Present

Edited by Xu Xi and Mike Ingham
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City Voices is the first showcase of postwar Hong Kong literature originating in English. Fiction, poetry, essays and memoirs from more than 70 authors are featured to demonstrate 'the rich variety and vitality of the city's literary production'. Together with work from established authors, both bilingual writers who choose to write in English and expatriate authors who have made Hong Kong their home, a section of 'New Voices' introduces the work of unknown and young writers who are part of today's surge of new creativity.

'As the first anthology of Hong Kong prose and poetry written in English, City Voices is a groundbreaking collection that propels readers from the early writing of the 1950s through the creative surge of the 1990s into today. City Voices has poignant, gorgeous, stunning, disturbing, exhilarating writing and is cause for celebration.' - Arthur Sze, author of seven books of poetry, including The Redshifting Web: Poems 1970-1998

'This most necessary and wildly ambitious collection is as boisterous and packed with voices as a Hong Kong street. With an unruly grace, City Voices boldly asserts the rich variety and vitality of the city's literary production, past and present. What a delight to find within these covers not only some old favorites but so many new, exciting writers and poets, whose contributions will leave the reader longing for more.' - David Wong Louie, author of The Barbarians Are Coming and Pangs of Love

'This anthology, containing selections from Hong Kong writers both famous and newly discovered, lays the soul of Hong Kong bare. In writings by turn humorous or dark, we get a look at the secret life of what is arguably the world's most interesting and cosmopolitan city. If you thought Hong Kong was a city devoted only to making money, shopping, and eating well, City Voices will open your eyes and put you in the presence of a scintillating literary community. Hong Kong has a soul and this anthology proves it.' - Robert H. Abel, winner of the Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction and the author of Riding a Tiger

'What shape will Hong Kong literature take in the hands of Mother China? This seminal anthology of Hong Kong literature in English hints at myriad possibilities: the city becoming more Chinese and less British, or mainland China becoming more Hong Kong, or perhaps an explosion of multi-cultural sensibilities in this theatre of the South China Sea? While the upcoming acts of history might tickle our exotic imaginings, it is worthwhile to see how this was all staged to begin with. Here is an anthology brilliantly collected by two who are themselves literary pioneers, Xu Xi and Mike Ingham, of work originally composed in English, or if not, self-translated to English - perfect for those of us who question the authenticity of translation - an anthology that offers a multi-genre vision from writers who live there or have lived there, writers who are all active observers and participants in Hong Kong's march through history.' - Bino A. Realuyo, editor and author, The Umbrella Country

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魯平 口述; 錢亦蕉 整理
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Monday, May 4, 2015

The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations Into Breakthroughs

Marcia Reynolds 
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You want people to stretch their limits, but your conversations meant to help them often fall flat or backfire, creating more resistance than growth. Top leadership coach Marcia Reynolds offers a model for using the Discomfort Zone—the moment when the mind is most open to learning—to prompt people to think through problems, see situations more strategically, and transcend their limitations.

Drawing on recent discoveries in the neuroscience of learning, Reynolds shows how to ask the kinds of questions that short-circuit the brain’s defense mechanisms and habitual thought patterns. Then, instead of being told, people see for themselves the insightful and often profound solutions to what is stopping their progress. The exercises and case studies will help you use discomfort in your conversations to create lasting changes and an enlivened workforce.

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人性能達到的境界 (The Farther Reaches of Human Nature)

馬斯洛 (Abraham H. Maslow)
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第一章 探索生命的需要
第二章 創造人性的境界
第三章 實現自我的價值
第四章 體驗人生的幸福