Monday, September 27, 2010

The Britannica Guide to the 100 Most Influential Scientists: The Most Important Scientists from Ancient Greece to the Present Day

Introduction by John Gribbin
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Who are the most important men and women whose notions and theories have changed the world? When Isaac Newton claimed that he only saw further because he stood on the shoulders of giants, he alluded to the long list of geniuses that came before him. The history of science is the story of great discoveries, flashes of intuition that have changed the way people see the world, hard work and arduous calculation in the laboratory. The Britannica Guide to 100 Most Influential Scientists is a celebration of the lives and work of the men and women who have changed the way we look at the world, the universe, and ourselves. Includes contributions from top name scientists and writers such James Gleick on Richard Feynman; Michio Kaky on Einstein and Sir Harold Kroton on the Fulleriene (for which he won an Nobel Prize). The Britannica Guide to 100 Most Influential Scientists is introduced by John Gribbin. He is the author of nearly 100 popular science books …
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潮平岸闊 : 高錕自述

高錕 著
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Cultural Intelligence : Individual Interactions Across Cultures

By P. Christopher Earley, Soon Ang
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In a global market where international teams, initiatives, and joint ventures are increasingly common, it is extremely important for people to integrate themselves quickly in new cultures. Effective strategies for selecting and training people on global perspectives are critical for managing businesses.
Current theories in management and psychology do not provide adequate frameworks to explain the successes or failures of people working and managing in foreign cultures. In this book, the authors develop the idea of cultural intelligence and examine its three essential facets: cognition, the ability to develop patterns from cultural cues; motivation, the desire and ability to engage others; and behavior, the capability to act in accordance with cognition and motivation.
In their presentation of this new conceptual framework, the authors provide a critical review of the existing literature. They explore the fundamental nature of cultural intelligence and its relationship to other frameworks of intelligence.
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Creativity : When East Meets West

Edited by Sing Lau, Anna N.N. Hui, and Grace Y.C. Ng
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What actually is creativity? And what contributes to its conceptualization and development? For decades, these and other questions have fascinated researchers, educators, parents and laymen alike, and equally so in the East and West. The present collection of chapters is a continuous attempt in answering and exploring the above questions from both Eastern and Western perspectives. Readers may find some answers satisfactory, whereas others bewildering. This is in fact the reality of creativity research and education.
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程千帆, 孫望 選評
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Monday, September 6, 2010

A Gentle Guide to Research Methods

By Gordon Rugg and Marian Petre
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A Gentle Guide to Research Methods explains what research is, and guides you through choosing and using the method best suited to your needs, with detailed examples from a wide range of disciplines. It also gives you practical "nuts and bolts" advice about how to avoid classic problems and how to get the most out of your project.
Written in a down-to-earth and highly accessible style, this unique book provides an overview of the "big picture" of research and of how this links to practical details. It covers the whole process of conducting research, including:
• Choosing a research topic and research design
• Data collection methods
• Data analysis and statistics
• Writing up
The authors also provide invaluable advice about planning your research so that it can help you with your career plans and life aspirations.
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六頂思考帽 (Six Thinking Hats)

波諾 (Edward de Bono)
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