Monday, July 26, 2010

The Research Student's Guide to Success

By Pat Cryer
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Why use this book?
Research should be fascinating and fulfilling, packed with intellectual excitement. If this is to be your experience, you need to appreciate that ways of working which proved effective for taught courses, important as they still are, are no longer enough. New skills and strategies need to be developed. This book introduces them, as collected from students and supervisors across a range of disciplines and from a range of universities, colleges and other institutions of higher education throughout the world.
(Excerpt from Chapter 1 of the book)

溝通人生 :心理交往學

金盛華,楊志芳,趙凱 著
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所謂心理交往,就是日常生活中所談的人際交往。它包括兩個方面的含義。從動態的角度說,當我們提及心理交往或人際交往時,意指人與人之間的信息溝通和物質的交換 ……
從靜態的角度說,人際交往指人與人之間已經形成起來的關係,亦即通常所說的人際關係。這種關係是通過直接交往所產生的情感的積澱,是人與人之間相對穩定的情感紐帶 ……

Monday, July 19, 2010

Successful Presentation Skills

By Andrew Bradbury
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Effective communication is essential for business success. From training new employees to building a rapport with potential clients, the ability to deliver information, whilst achieving maximum impact, is a skill that all business people need, yet many find difficult to master. This fully revised edition continues to provide practical advice, addressing the common problems people face when making a presentation. Ideal for the inexperienced speaker or anyone wanting to improve their communication skills, Successful Presentation Skills includes tips on how to: overcome nerves; be concise; understand body language; and, use visual aids effectively.
... it includes up-to-date information and tips to achieve a first-class presentation, including advice on structuring a presentation and the advantages of using PowerPoint technology. This is an indispensable guide to communicating with confidence.
(Excerpt from Start-Up Books)


潘意敏,潘崢崢 編著
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Traditions of Writing Research

Edited by Charles Bazerman, Robert Krut, Karen Lunsford, Susan McLeod, Suzie Null, Paul Rogers, and Amanda Stansell
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Traditions of Writing Research reflects the different styles of work offered at the Writing Research Across Borders conference. Organized by Charles Bazerman, one of the pre-eminent scholars in writing studies, the conference facilitated an unprecedented gathering of writing researchers. Representing the best of the works presented, this collection focuses solely on writing research, in its lifespan scope bringing together writing researchers interested in early childhood through adult writing practices. It brings together differing research traditions, and offers a broad international scope, with contributor-presenters including top international researchers in the field.
The volume's opening section presents writing research agendas from different regions and research groups. The next section addresses the national, political, and historical contexts that shape educational institutions and the writing initiatives developed there. The following sections represent a wide range of research approaches for investigating writing processes and practices in primary, secondary, and higher education. The volume ends with theoretical and methodological reflections.
This exemplary collection, like the conference that it grew out of, will bring new perspectives to the rich dialogue of contemporary research on writing and advance understanding of this complex and important human activity.
(Excerpt from

風格的要素 = The Elements of Style

威廉・斯特倫克 (William Strunk)
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張五常推崇的一本小書叫做 The Elements of Style,說是這本書直截了當,一二三四列出規例,英語怎麼寫可取,怎麼寫不可取,不必解釋,沒有哲理。那當然是對的,卻也不太容易做到。文筆要清楚明白,先決條件不是造句的功力,而是思想的清晰。易言之,看通事體,董理思緒,加上肚子裡的學問有條不紊,寫文章有了經驗,文筆才會清楚明白。這是一條漫長的道路。
董橋 著名作家和翻譯家

本書是專為英文寫作課而編寫的,該課程將英文寫作實踐和文學研究緊密地結合在一起。本書的目的是扼要闡明簡明的英語風格所具備的一些要 點。它還通過重點分析一些寫作要點,應用原則和 對一些最常犯的寫作毛病的分析 ……
本書僅僅涉及到英語風格很小的一部分,但是, 根據本書作者的經驗,學生一旦掌握了這些要點,再對照他們過去寫作時所遇到的問題,都會感到豁然開朗,從而獲益良深。

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Personal Efficiency Program: How to Get Organized to Do More Work in Less Time

By Kerry Gleeson
This book is the culmination of experiences gleaned from the many highly effective people that we at the Institute for Business Technology have coached and trained over the past 20 years. The focus of our work has been on the process of personal productivity. What do these highly productive people do? How do they do it? Can their work behaviors be boiled down to principles we all can apply? The book is a near-complete set of the timesaving ideas and behaviors of these highly successful people. The book also includes proven strategies we have developed to help our clients embrace these productivity ideas and make them part of their behaviors.
Charles Dickens once said: “I never could have done what I have done without the habits of punctuality, order and diligence, without the determination to concentrate myself on one subject at a time.” This quote conveys many critical ingredients to success in work and life: habits of punctuality, order, diligence, determination, and concentration.
(Excerpt from the Preface, c2004)

不是不可能 : 思路決定出路 = Say No to Impossibility

易發久 著
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