Monday, September 28, 2015

How to Instantly Connect with Anyone: 96 All-New Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships

Leil Lowndes 
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How to Instantly Connect with Anyone: 96 All-New Little Tricks for Big Success in RelationshipsThis sequel to Leil’s international top selling “How to Talk to Anyone” makes you a master communicator with 96 all new cutting-edge communication “Little Tricks” for big success in business and social relationships―in person, by email, and on the phone. It has been praised as the 21st century version of “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” and was nominated one of the five best books in psychology by “Books for a Better Life!”

The author introduces the psychologically sound concept, “Emotional Prediction” or E.P. which you can employ with everyone. Here are the ten sections of the book:
7 Little Tricks to Make a Great Impression Before People Even Meet You
11 Little Tricks to Take the “Hell” Out of “Hello,”and Put the “Good” in “Good-bye”
12 Little Tricks to Develop an Extraordinary Gift of Gab
10 Little Tricks to Actually Enjoy Parties
5 Little Tricks to Handle the Good, the Bad, and the Bummers
12 Little Tricks to Avoid the 13 Most Common Dumb Things You Should NEVER Say or Do
13 Little Tricks to be a Cool Communicator
11 Little Tricks to Give Your E-Mail Today’s Personality and Tomorrow’s Professionalism
10 Little Tricks to Make an Impression on your Cell (A.K.A. “Phone”)
5 Little Tricks to Deepen the Relationships You Already Have

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說服力 : 讓人說Yes的7個關鍵 (The 7 Triggers to Yes)

羅素・葛蘭傑 (Russell H.Granger)
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Monday, September 21, 2015

Great Work: How to Make a Difference People Love

David Sturt
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Great work lives inside all of us.

The question is: Do we make the contributions we're capable of? Is our best work getting out there? Breaking through? Creating a difference the world loves?

We've long been told our ability to succeed depends on our IQ, talent, education level, gender, job title, or when and where we were born. Great Work turns that conventional thinking on its head to reveal that innovation can come from anyone, anywhere.

Especially you.

With insights from the largest-ever study of award-winning work, Great Work reveals five practical skills that will help you ideate, innovate, and deliver work that gets noticed and appreciated.

Great Work is filled with stories of real people in real jobs who did what was asked and then added something extra--a personal touch all their own--to deliver better-than-asked-for results. Their stories will inspire you to write your own page in the book of human progress.

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野火集 : 二十週年紀念版

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Train Your Brain For Success: Read Smarter, Remember More, and Break Your Own Records

Roger Seip 
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Train your mind to achieve new levels of success!

Professionals and entrepreneurs do a great job of keeping up appearances. But if they're honest with themselves, they're short on living the life they really want. Train Your Brain For Success provides the perspective to analyze how you got where you are and, more importantly, learn the skills to get where you truly desire to be. Train Your Brain For Success explains specific ways of thinking and acting that will get anyone where they want to go, fast. Learn to condition your mind to move towards success automatically, by discovering greater memory power and fundamental techniques for boosting reading speed and comprehension.

Get a proven strategy for succeeding and becoming a record-breaking performer.
• Learn to live in the moment
• Become brilliant with the basics
• Aggressively take care of your mind
Train your mind for new levels of success by boosting memory power, reading speed and comprehension.

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弗吉尼亞·伍爾夫 (Virginia Woolf) 著
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這本書主要選自弗吉尼亞·伍爾夫 (Virginia Woolf) 的三部重要散文集,《普通讀者》、《普通讀者二集》和《自己的房間》,多為伍爾夫的讀書心得和感想,而且寫得比較隨意,不拘一格,故稱為“讀書隨筆”。主要內容有:如何讀書,書和女性生活有何關系,如何看待名字名作,以及如何評價當代文學。


Monday, September 7, 2015

Slow Reading in a Hurried Age

David Mikics
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Wrapped in the glow of the computer or phone screen, we cruise websites; we skim and skip. We glance for a brief moment at whatever catches our eye and then move on. Slow Reading in a Hurried Age reminds us of another mode of reading--the kind that requires our full attention and that has as its goal not the mere gathering of information but the deeper understanding that only good books can offer.

Slow Reading in a Hurried Age is a practical guide for anyone who yearns for a more meaningful and satisfying reading experience, and who wants to sharpen reading skills and improve concentration. David Mikics, a noted literary scholar, demonstrates exactly how the tried-and-true methods of slow reading can provide a more immersive, fulfilling experience. He begins with fourteen preliminary rules for slow reading and shows us how to apply them. The rules are followed by excursions into key genres, including short stories, novels, poems, plays, and essays.

Reading, Mikics says, should not be drudgery, and not mere escape either, but a way to live life at a higher pitch. A good book is a pathway to finding ourselves, by getting lost in the words and works of others.

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六頂思考帽 (Six Thinking Hats)

波諾 (Edward de Bono)
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