Monday, October 30, 2017

The Great Escape : Health, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality (財富大逃亡)

Angus Deaton
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Angus Deaton was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his analysis of consumption, poverty, and welfare in 2015.

The world is a better place than it used to be. People are healthier, wealthier, and live longer. Yet the escapes from destitution by so many has left gaping inequalities between people and nations. In The Great Escape, Angus Deaton--one of the foremost experts on economic development and on poverty--tells the remarkable story of how, beginning 250 years ago, some parts of the world experienced sustained progress, opening up gaps and setting the stage for today's disproportionately unequal world. Deaton takes an in-depth look at the historical and ongoing patterns behind the health and wealth of nations, and addresses what needs to be done to help those left behind.

Deaton describes vast innovations and wrenching setbacks: the successes of antibiotics, pest control, vaccinations, and clean water on the one hand, and disastrous famines and the HIV/AIDS epidemic on the other. He examines the United States, a nation that has prospered but is today experiencing slower growth and increasing inequality. He also considers how economic growth in India and China has improved the lives of more than a billion people. Deaton argues that international aid has been ineffective and even harmful. He suggests alternative efforts--including reforming incentives to drug companies and lifting trade restrictions--that will allow the developing world to bring about its own Great Escape.

Demonstrating how changes in health and living standards have transformed our lives, The Great Escape is a powerful guide to addressing the well-being of all nations.

(Excerpt from

不當行為 : 行為經濟學之父教你更聰明的思考、理財、看世界 (Misbehaving)

理查.塞勒 (Richard H. Thaler)
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‧ 美國亞馬遜、《紐約時報》暢銷書排行榜冠軍
‧ 《經濟學人》年度選書
‧ 《金融時報》、麥肯錫年度最具影響力 6 本書之一
‧ 諾貝爾經濟學獎得主 丹尼爾‧康納曼、羅伯‧席勒 共同推薦
‧ 台大經濟系副教授馮勃翰 審定.導讀






◎ 300元購入的紅酒現增值為3,000元,收藏家不願賣出,只偶爾開一瓶來喝,也不想花3,000元買酒。為何他寧願喝現值3,000元的酒,卻不想花同樣金額買酒或賣掉原先的收藏?

→ 這就是「機會成本」。無論喝掉藏酒或買新酒,機會成本是一樣的,可是一般人很難在機會成本和掏出現金之間畫上等號。放棄賣出賺錢的機會,感覺不像從皮夾裡拿出錢來那麼難受,相較於親手奉上實實在在的現金,機會成本既模糊又抽象。

◎ 黎妮雅願意開十分鐘的車去買原為500元,折價後少100元的鬧鐘,卻不願意為了定價5萬元的電視機,開十分鐘的車買折價100元的同樣商品。

→ 儘管這十分鐘都價值100元,但是我們較願意為了定價500元的鬧鐘多跑一趟,正是因為電視機省下的錢算不上是「最小可覺差異」。一般人對於獲得和損失皆呈現敏感度遞減,面對獲得,我們抱持著風險規避態度,面對損失,卻抱持風險偏好態度。

◎ 文斯付了3萬元的室內網球場會員費,他罹患網球肘後依然忍痛繼續打了三個月,只因不想浪費已繳的會員費,直到疼痛變得完全無法忍受才決定放棄。

→ 繼續打球對財務有助益嗎?或只是覺得「浪費錢」而有罪惡感?傳統經濟學家認為應該忽略沉沒成本,偏偏人們無法忘懷。如果花錢買了卻沒用,感覺很像實際損失那些錢。我們應該要知道忽略沉沒成本是完全符合理性,甚至是必要的。

◎ 學校在數學大考前五天傳簡訊通知家長,此作法提升數學測驗成績的程度相當於額外多上一個月的課。家長與學生們都說他們希望該作法能持續下去,顯然他們挺樂意被輕輕推一把。

→ 「推力」是吸引我們注意力和影響行為環境的某些小功能。人會犯下可預測的錯誤,如果我們能夠預期這些錯誤,就能先想辦法以減少錯誤發生,或提醒人們可能會忽略的事情,發簡訊就是方法之一。


Monday, October 23, 2017

A Strangeness in My Mind

Orhan Pamuk
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From the Nobel Prize winner and best-selling author of Snow and My Name Is Red: a soaring, panoramic new novel—his first since The Museum of Innocence—telling the unforgettable tale of an Istanbul street vendor and the love of his life.

Since his boyhood in a poor village in Central Anatolia, Mevlut Karataş has fantasized about what his life would become. Not getting as far in school as he’d hoped, at the age of twelve he comes to Istanbul—“the center of the world”—and is immediately enthralled by both the old city that is disappearing and the new one that is fast being built. He follows his father’s trade, selling boza (a traditional mildly alcoholic Turkish drink) on the street, and hoping to become rich, like other villagers who have settled the desolate hills outside the booming metropolis. But luck never seems to be on Mevlut’s side. As he watches his relations settle down and make their fortunes, he spends three years writing love letters to a girl he saw just once at a wedding, only to elope by mistake with her sister. And though he grows to cherish his wife and the family they have, he stumbles toward middle age in a series of jobs leading nowhere. His sense of missing something leads him sometimes to the politics of his friends and intermittently to the teachings of a charismatic religious guide. But every evening, without fail, Mevlut still wanders the streets of Istanbul, selling boza and wondering at the “strangeness” in his mind, the sensation that makes him feel different from everyone else, until fortune conspires once more to let him understand at last what it is he has always yearned for.

Told from different perspectives by a host of beguiling characters, A Strangeness in My Mind is a modern epic of coming of age in a great city, a brilliant tableau of life among the newcomers who have changed the face of Istanbul over the past fifty years. Here is a mesmerizing story of human longing, sure to take its place among Pamuk’s finest achievements.

(Excerpt from

我是馬拉拉 : 一位因爭取教育而被槍殺的女孩 (I Am Malala)

馬拉拉.優薩福扎伊 (Malala Yousafzai)
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2014年 諾貝爾和平獎得主




Monday, October 16, 2017

The Productivity Project: Accomplishing More by Managing Your Time, Attention, and Energy

Chris Bailey
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A fresh, personal, and entertaining exploration of a topic that concerns all of us: how to be more productive at work and in every facet of our lives.

Chris Bailey turned down lucrative job offers to pursue a lifelong dream—to spend a year performing a deep dive experiment into the pursuit of productivity, a subject he had been enamored with since he was a teenager. After obtaining his business degree, he created a blog to chronicle a year-long series of productivity experiments he conducted on himself, where he also continued his research and interviews with some of the world’s foremost experts, from Charles Duhigg to David Allen. Among the experiments that he tackled: Bailey went several weeks with getting by on little to no sleep; he cut out caffeine and sugar; he lived in total isolation for 10 days; he used his smartphone for just an hour a day for three months; he gained ten pounds of muscle mass; he stretched his work week to 90 hours; a late riser, he got up at 5:30 every morning for three months—all the while monitoring the impact of his experiments on the quality and quantity of his work.

The Productivity Project—and the lessons Chris learned—are the result of that year-long journey. Among the counterintuitive insights Chris Bailey will teach you:
· slowing down to work more deliberately;
· shrinking or eliminating the unimportant;
· the rule of three;
· striving for imperfection;
· scheduling less time for important tasks;
· the 20 second rule to distract yourself from the inevitable distractions;
· and the concept of productive procrastination.
In an eye-opening and thoroughly engaging read, Bailey offers a treasure trove of insights and over 25 best practices that will help you accomplish more.

(Excerpt from

優質大學生的學習指導書 : 第一本由學生寫給學生的學習教戰守則 (How to Become a Straight-A Student)

卡爾.紐波特 (Cal Newport) 
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Monday, October 9, 2017

The Buried Giant

Kazuo Ishiguro 石黑一雄
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Mr. Kazuo Ishiguro was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature 2017.

From one of the most preeminent writers of our times comes The Buried Giant, an extraordinary new novel that poses powerful questions about love, loss, and mortality. The novel centers around an elderly couple, Beatrice and Axl, who set out on an epic journey through war-torn lands in hopes of finding their son. As they contend with the physical hardships of their journey, they also encounter danger from a variety of mystical elements: ogres, demons, and an ever-present fog that makes memory elusive. With the help of a brash yet determined knight and a mysterious young boy, they travel across lands familiar and strange, ever closer to learning their son’s fate. What they end up discovering along the way, though, leads them in surprising directions that will forever alter the fabric of their relationship—as well as the history of their embattled homeland.

At once both brutal and affecting, Ishiguro’s novel is a fresh take on the hero’s journey. With unforgettable characters and a pace that rivets, The Buried Giant is sure to resonate as a classic for years to come.

(Excerpt from

星際效應 : 電影幕後的科學事實, 推測與想像 (The Science of Interstellar)

基普.索恩 (Kip S. Thorne)
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作者基普.索恩 (Kip S. Thorne) 與萊納·魏斯 (Rainer Weiss) 及巴里·巴里什 (Barry Barish)共同獲得2017年諾貝爾物理學獎。





美國加州理工學院知名天文物理學家基普.索恩 ╳ 好萊塢大導演克里斯多福.諾蘭

● 最簡明清晰的時間與空間理論入門讀本

● 科學理論與電影工藝完美結合


Monday, October 2, 2017

How Will You Measure Your Life? (你要如何衡量你的人生?)

Clayton M. Christensen, James Allworth, Karen Dillon
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From the world’s leading thinker on innovation and New York Times bestselling author of The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton M. Christensen, comes an unconventional book of inspiration and wisdom for achieving a fulfilling life. Christensen’s The Innovator’s Dilemma, notably the only business book that Apple’s Steve Jobs said “deeply influenced” him, is widely recognized as one of the most significant business books ever published. Now, in the tradition of Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture and Anna Quindlen’s A Short Guide to a Happy Life, Christensen’s How Will You Measure Your Life is with a book of lucid observations and penetrating insights designed to help any reader—student or teacher, mid-career professional or retiree, parent or child—forge their own paths to fulfillment.

(Excerpt from

被討厭的勇氣 : 自我啟發之父「阿德勒」的教導

岸見一郎 (Ichirō Kishimi), 古賀史健 (Fumitake Koga)
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