Monday, February 28, 2011

Say It Like Obama : The Power of Speaking with Purpose and Vision

By Shel Leanne
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In speech after speech, Barack Obama has “fired up” millions of enthusiastic supporters with his inspiring vision, rousing rhetoric, and charismatic presence His outstanding communication skills gave rise to an unprecedented political movement and fueled Obama’s success in becoming the first African American presidential nominee of a major U.S. political party.
But inspiring and persuading millions isn’t simply a product of innate ability—Barack Obama honed techniques that made him a highly effective speaker before audiences numbering thirty to 200,000. These techniques are vital not only in the political arena, but also for business executives, managers, and leaders from all walks of life.
This book is about the art of persuasion, the power of presentation, and the most effective techniques of communication. From building strong arguments and facing tough issues to inspiring a team or workforce to new levels of innovation and productivity, Say It Like Obama gives you the tools you can use to instill positive change at every level of your organization by learning how to:
• Make a strong first impression
• Use body language and voice
• Establish common ground
• Gain trust and confidence
• Win hearts and minds
• Drive your points home
• Convey your vision through imagery and words that resonate
• Build to a crescendo and leave a lasting impression
Whether you’re a manager, executive, or public speaker, a teacher, business owner, or community leader, Say It Like Obama will provide you with presentation techniques that have inspired and mobilized audiences of every size.
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余憶飛, 李小峰, 羅錦賢 編譯
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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Wisdom of Crowds : Why the Many are Smarter than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies, and Nations

By James Surowiecki
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In this fascinating book, New Yorker business columnist James Surowiecki explores a deceptively simple idea: Large groups of people are smarter than an elite few, no matter how brilliant–better at solving problems, fostering innovation, coming to wise decisions, even predicting the future.
With boundless erudition and in delightfully clear prose, Surowiecki ranges across fields as diverse as popular culture, psychology, ant biology, behavioral economics, artificial intelligence, military history, and politics to show how this simple idea offers important lessons for how we live our lives, select our leaders, run our companies, and think about our world.
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金開誠 , 王岳川 主編
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Monday, February 14, 2011

A General Theory of Love

By Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini and Richard Lannon
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What is love, and why are some people unable to find it? What is loneliness, and why does it hurt? What are relationships, and how and why do they work the way they do?
Answering these questions, laying bare the heart's deepest secrets, is this book's aim. Since the dawn of our species, human beings in every time and place have contended with an unruly emotional core that behaves in unpredicted and confusing ways. Science has been unable to help them. The Western world's first physician, Hippocrates, proposed in 450 B.C. that emotions emanate from the brain. He was rightbut for the next twenty-five hundred years, medicine could offer nothing further about the details of emotional life. Matters of the heart were matters only for the artsliterature, song, poetry, painting, sculpture, dance. Until now …
(Excerpt from the Preface of the book)

生命中不能承受之輕 (The Unbearable Lightness of Being)

米蘭・昆德拉(Milan Kundera)
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究竟,什麼樣的特質最符合人類境況(condition humaine)?是『重』,還是『輕』?嚴肅要到何處才會讓位給輕浮?輕浮又要到何處才會讓位給嚴肅?昆德拉以悖論的手法透過小說提出了這些問題。

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Forest and the Trees : Sociology as Life, Practice, and Promise

By Allan G. Johnson
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Practicing sociology is a way to observe the world and to think about and make sense of it. It is also a way to be in the world and of the world, to play a meaningful role in the life of our species as it shapes and reshapes itself into the mystery of what’s going on and what it’s got to do with us …
This book is one practicing sociologist’s answer to the hypothetical, the core insight with the greatest potential and promise to transform how we see the world and ourselves in it. This book is about what that core view is and why it matters that we understand it, use it, live it, and pass it on.
(Excerpt from the “Introduction: Life, Practice, and Promise” of the book)

If sociology could teach everyone just one thing, what would it be? The Forest and the Trees is one sociologist's response to the hypothetical - the core insight with the greatest potential to change how people see the world and themselves in relation to it. This revised and updated edition features: a new chapter that brings together the various aspects of the sociological model described in previous chapters with a detailed application to the origins of racism; a discussion of how individuals can participate in social change by stepping off paths of least resistance; and, the addition of graphics to illustrate the sociological model of systems and individuals.
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張德芬 著
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吳淡如、莊淑芬、陳藹玲、李欣頻、王尚智 誠摯推薦